Best Food Shop Delivery Services In The UK

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Probably the greatest thing since sliced bread is the ability to buy it online. It was said that sliced bread came about in response to people complaining that slicing bread using a knife during dinner took a long time, plus crumbs kept on littering the table. Online shopping for food has a similar history: it just took a long time to head to the grocery or food store. Food shop delivery services then, like sliced bread, addressed consumers’ need for convenience.

Online grocery and food delivery services help save you time and money- time because getting what you need can be done from where you are, and money because there are plenty of online voucher codes at your disposal you can use to get massive discounts on your purchases. There’s no need to go to a supermarket, no need to walk up and down aisles and our favourite perk: no need to wait for your turn at the counter! What’s more, you can have your groceries delivered for free and earn points and cashback for your purchases.

Grocery and food delivery is fast becoming one of the largest e-commerce industries in the world. To get you started on doing your groceries online, we’re rounded up some of the best food shop and grocery delivery services in the UK.

For a minimum spend of £60, Waitrose customers get to have their orders delivered for free. Delivery charges vary for peak days (Saturdays and Sundays) and minimum spend. New customers are also given a total of £65 off their first five online orders. What’s also great about Waitrose is that you can provide instructions about your orders, such as how thick you want your ham slices to be. Waitrose also has plenty of 3-for-2 promos, buy one get one free deals as well as discount codes both new and existing customers can take advantage of. You can get some great offers on your home delivered Waitrose groceries by clicking on this link:

Sainsbury’s offers free delivery Monday to Thursday when you finish shopping by 2 p.m. and your order exceeds £100. The delivery charge for orders below that amount vary, from £1 to around £6.95 depending on the total cost of purchases. New customers get £25 off their first order with a minimum spend of £100 and an additional £10 off in four subsequent orders.

Tesco charges £1 and £6 for delivery, but it has an annual pass option that costs £60 for unlimited deliveries. New customers are given £15 off a minimum spend of £60 using a voucher code. Tesco customers applaud the company’s punctuality when it comes to having their orders delivered. Frequent customers can avail of Tesco’s Clubcard and earn reward points every time they buy items online, in physical stores or at Tesco petrol stations. Rewards may include restaurant vouchers at Pizza Express.

Here’s a tip for shopping with Ocado: shop on Wednesdays, when delivery charges are free on orders exceeding £75. For other days and total costs, delivery charges vary. New customers get free delivery on their first two orders and are entitled to discounted delivery charges for the next four orders.